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Lodore WWF-2 wireless Filler keeps your pool topped up easily and automatically. Unlike most similar product that must be installed underground, Lodore WWF-2 wireless Filler is installed directly into the pool and connected directly to the water system.

For a pool to function optimally, water levels must be maintained. Evaporation from the sun and wind and even rambunctious pool use will have an impact. If levels drop below the skimmer, the pump can run dry and damage or even burn out the motor. Our product is most practical and convenient unit that you could wish for. It fits for all types of pools and spa. it maintains pre-set water levels and eliminates the need to drag around hoses.

WWF-2 Wireless Water Fillers

  • No digging
  • Easy to install
  • Fill water automatically‚Äč
  • Energy saving
  •  Fit in any new or existing pools