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LODORE UV & Leafproof Movable Shade Sail uses the inherent "stretch" of the knitted fabric which comes with a multi-year UV degradation warranties to create three-dimensional shapes. This product is designed to protect the swimmer from sunburn, at the same time protect the pool from damaging caused by sun.

LODORE UV & Leafproof Movable Shade Sail also greatly reduces the cost for maintaining your pool from many aspects. It can effectively reduce speed of water evaporation and slow down the decomposition of chlorine caused by UV rays.

LODORE UV & Leafproof Movable Shade Sail varies in shape, size and color for perfectly matching any new and existing pool and spa.


UV & Leaf-Proof Movable Shade Sail

  • Keep away from leaves & debris 
  • Reduce chemical consuming
  • Anti-UV
  • Fit in any type of existing pools and spa
  • Easy install and movable
  • Protect swimmers from sunburn
  • Cost-effective: slow down water evaporation 
  • Slow down chlorine decomposition caused by UV rays