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Lodore SC-3 Salt Chlorinator works well in pool after pump off. Currently the similar chlorinator in market can only work on pipe line when pump is on. So our product is perfect for office workers who cannot stay home to turn on/off pump. It keeps energy saving at any time you need.

Our product requires no plumbing to install nor electrical work to connect to power. Suitable for both in-ground or above ground swimming pools, simply position the cell assembly near your pump return outlet in the pool and connect to the control unit.

Without the need for plumbing, the system relies on water movement generated by your existing pump/filtration system to circulate the generated chlorine around the pool. The Lodore Salt Chlorinator is super simple to use. All you need to do is set how many hours per day you want the chlorinator to produce chlorine for.  

SC-3 Salt Chlorinator 

  • Work both when pump ON and OFF
  • Just put into the pool simply
  • Very easy to use and no need to install
  • Salt, mineral or mineral blend compatible
  •  Fit in any new or existing pools