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Lodore PS4 Power Saver is perfect for different pool to save energy based on each specific environment,size,running speed, etc. Set basic running schedule to save more energy for customer. Our product works well with Lodore Auto-cleaner, which can run both water surface and bottom, so that it can ensure to catch debris and renew water wherever necessary as soon as possible. This product can effectively save half energy comparing to regular pool. 

The controller features proportional feed to ensure precise water chemistry maintenance, and operates using the Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) method of water analysis to ensure rapid deactivation of such waterborne pathogens as E.Coli in swimming pool water.

PS-4 Power Saver

  • Save electric power resources up to 90% 
  • Running schedule can be set to run pool water according different size of the pool
  • Chlorine level control -- to keep the lowest chlorine level
  • Compatible with all common chemical feed systems (bromine, electronic chlorine (salt) generators, acid, and CO2)
  • Works with any size swimming pool, spa or water feature
  •  Fit in any new or existing pools